Since our founding in 1969, Allunox has built a reputation for excellence, manufacturing products for balconies that combine refinement with ruggedness and by and absolute rigour from design to installation.

Our philosophy is built on customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a range of timeless products with uncompromising quality.

Allunox aluminum products are tailored to each project, whether residential, commercial or industrial, and always comply with the industry’s highest standards.


Our commitment to our customers, our team and our network is based on integrity and professionalism.


We are constantly moving forward, supported by our expertise and a long-standing tradition of excellence.


We make our customers’ ideas come to life, closely monitoring each project and optimizing the entire process.


Our services reflect our commitment to surpass your expectations. That’s the secret to our success and longevity.

Talk to our specialists about our attractively designed collections, built to stand the test of time.