frequently asked questions

Are some of your railings
stronger than others?

We never compromise on safety. All of our railings and other structures exceed National Building Code standards. For more technical information about our products, see the Choose Allunox section of this website.

Where are Allunox products

All of our products, without exception, are manufactured at our shop in Laval, Quebec. As well, all of the extrusions and other materials we use are purchased and/or manufactured in Canada.

What is the minimum required
height for a railing?

The National Building Code of Canada requires a minimum height of 36" (915 mm) if there is a risk of fall greater than 24" (610 mm). However, if the risk of fall is greater than 72" (1,830 mm), the railings must have a minimum height of 42" (1,066 mm).

What are the laws regarding
railings and fences around a

Railings and fences around a pool must have a minimum height of 48" (1,220 mm) They must also have a self-closing gate equipped with a self-locking latch.

What are your payment

All Allunox projects are payable within 30 days of installation. Product orders that exclude installation are payable upon pick-up at our Laval shop.

What warranty does Allunox

All of our aluminum products are covered by a full 5-year warranty and a limited 20-year warranty.