Gestionnaire de projets

jeu, janvier 27 2022

  • Receive the project mandate (deadlines, resources, overall plan)
  • Review plans and all documentation (architecture, RFP, contract, estimate, project cost, etc.)
  • Attend and collaborate in various meetings with the internal team
  • Identify tasks and potential issues for follow-up
  • Receive official project deadlines
  • Develop and maintain business relationships with clients and all project stakeholders
  • Inform the client of the project management guidelines related to the contract
  • Visit the various construction sites to validate the progress of the work and perform quality control
  • Write site visit reports
  • Revise site dates when necessary
  • Conduct weekly coordination meetings with the project management team
  • Evaluate the material required and the elements to be subcontracter
  • Evaluate labor and associated logistics (installation, plant, transportation, equipment, etc.)
  • Provide site presence at the start of the installation when necessary
  • Provide instructions for shipping materials to the job site
  • Coordinate end of project work
  • Obtain the list of deficiencies and ensure the necessary follow-up for additional billing when applicable